Firefox Vs. IE

I’m totally a Firefox lover even if it does slow down my laptop on account of being more memory-intensive than InternetExplorer. It has a better interface, is more user-friendly, has cool add-on gimicky things AND if you wanna type a URL which starts “http://” it prefixes it for you! Unlike IE.

On that note, if you’re not really into shortcuts, apart from the fairly obvious Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V etc for ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’, when you’re in your browser and want to go to a website enclosed by the common “www—” try just typing the word/phrase and then hitting Ctrl+Enter….

It inserts it for you!
Eg. hotmail Ctrl+Enter -> site appears!
Facebook Ctrl+Enter -> site appears!
Works in any browser – tis Genius, of a kind.

The impetus for this post was on learning that IE was messing up my blog html code… inserting stupid linebreaks. I think I’ve fixed it, but it may still be doing so.

What’s your browser-of-choice?  Or are you so utterly ungeeky that you really don’t care?… By which i mean really don’t care, as opposed to care but think you’re too cool to answer such questions.

I could go onto a Thunderbird Vs. Outlook debate, but firstly I’ve never used Thunderbird, and secondly, I doubt many people reading this really care…
Unless they are Techies [ComputerScience students] *cough* Ninja *cough*

and my sneaky twin who may be forced to make comment… Who chooses a degree where you take a course entitled Computational Complexity? – “What’ve you got Fridays?” – “oh, Complexity…”


Reda Haq

ETA: Baseless Optimism tells me I have the cool. Thus my geekness is negated.

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~ by Reda Haq on April 24, 2008.

14 Responses to “Firefox Vs. IE”

  1. you geek!

    only rubbish people like the ghermit use email clients like thunderbird, the real world uses webmail (and those with any sense gmail). The main reason to use firefox is that it is (or was anyway) far less likely to let evil people steal your soul and replace it with viruses and stuff. Then theres search bookmark shortcut things so you can type “wp TMNT” or “yt TMNT” to search wikipedia or youtube for …TMNT.

    I’m cool.

  2. Hahah by saying “rubbish people” you sortof begin to get back at Jud and his indirect insulting of you. You shall be joining the rubbish people ranks anyway MASTERSninja… UCL make you use Thunderbird. HAH

    Did you choose TMNT cos they’re Ninjas? of the teenage mutant variety. oh, and they’re turtles. Are you turning reptilian like me? x

  3. Pah, I shall never be joining the rubbish people ranks!

    The main but geekiest reason why firefox is best is cause it’s somewhat web standards compliant. IE isn’t, that’s why your blog is messing up. Microsoft make up their own rules cause they get off on making it difficult for developers who would prefer to design websites that look identical in all browsers and live in a happy world of rainbows and bunny rabbits.

    Web standards; riveting stuff.

  4. Firefox > IE. Admittedly Firefox has its flaws, most notably being a huge memory hog but you have to love the flexibility of it. It is all about the extensions – that is what makes Firefox great. IE 7 tried to join in but failed miserably, as Microsoft so often does.

    Opera is a really good browser – supposedly more efficient that Firefox and IE, but my beloved extensions keep me loyal to Firefox. Hopefully the upcoming Firefox 3 will resolve some of the memory issues and overall make Firefox more kick-ass.

    Also, UCL does not force you to use Thunderbird. It is promoted, but you can use whatever you want, as long as you know how to set it up.

    I would like to know about these “search bookmark shortcut things”. I’ve never heard of it – and it doesn’t work when I try it in the address bar. Sounds cool, I would use it if it actually exists….. hmmm, maybe you are talking about a feature of Firefox 3.

  5. Try going into organise bookmarks and looking for a folder called Quick Searches. If you can find it there should be a few default examples, most installations have the wiki shortcut anyway. You can create your own if they aren’t there, just create a new bookmark to the search URI and append ‘%s’ at the end of the location or wherever the search string should go (so the full bookmarked address would be ‘’). Then just enter a keyword like wp.

  6. Firefooooooooooox! I loffs it

  7. Awesome! I can’t believe I didn’t know about it. Officially my new best friend, even though I have only tried it once. Thanks.

  8. Loserface, I told you you should befriend the Ninja…that’ll teach you to reject my ideas out of hand! :P

  9. Ok, i agree that firefox is better … but thunderbird kindda lacks 50% features available in Oulook 2007. Outlooks beats thunderbird in every respect …

  10. Its all about google chrome u chumps, google is the innovator of using statistical analysis techniques to enhance benefit for users, so whenever u search for something on google, it gears the search to ur history and guesses the websites u may have had in mind. For example if bill gates types in apple his first 10 or so hits are gona be computer websites, whereas if Gordon Ramsay types in apple his first ten hits are all gona be food based. So everyone is more likely to find what they searched for quicker, hence google becoming the dominant search site in recent years, and although other companies have imitated this technology google as pioneers still have the most effective algorithms in use. Although firefox has the ‘awesome bar’ which searches for your recent history when typing in webpages, google’s version, the ‘Omnibox’ is allegedly 8 times faster and I would predict that google has significantly more statistical data for each person around which to base there predictions that the outcome will most likely be more accurate. Soz 4 such a plug lol, I don’t work for google but I have just finished reading a popular science book about statistics (“Super Crunchers:How anything can be predicted”) and felt the overwhelming urge to share my knowledge since im bored and home alone :)

  11. Urban Monkey, right as you are about google’s amazingness in terms of search optimisation etc… the debate was more about internet browsers rather than search engines ol’ chump :P. haha, cheers for your input though… i did not know about Omnibox etc. x

  12. Ye google chrome is the new web browser that has been launched by google silly haqo. Check it out its the shit x

  13. Aaah right, apologies dude! clearly I am out of the web loop. But atm i am watching DIZZIERASCAL on music4 doing his thang at Ibiza Rocks… so the question i ask u is why we were not there, eh?? He’s got into the crowd, not even surfing, just in the crowd bouncing around, it is a little mental.

    I see u glance at me, come dance wiv me. x

  14. Unpredictability is the bane of self-reliance!

    I basically use Firefox for improved speed, predictability and self-reliance. Same story with Thunderbird, which’s plugged into my gMail for superior auto-filing of newsletters, etc. I’ve not tried Chrome yet.

    I think the whole geek / non-geek polarisation is nuts! It always makes me think of Morlocks vs. Eloi, in The Time Machine (H. G. Wells). Thirty years ago, I guess, over 50% of car owners knew how to maintain their own vehicles, in most respects. Now most motorists know nothing beyond checking the oil level, if that. 1970s car owners were not geeks – rather the Morlock of their own dominion – self-reliance!

    Beware anyone who wants to make you into an Eloi, they’re likely to have a cooking pot nearby, someplace.

    This’s not been an argument against Chrome and since – as I understand it – it’s a derivation of Firefox, I hope it’ll not introduce many new unique HTML/CSS incompatibilities into the soup.

    Good luck working-around the µcruft IE 5/6/7/… bugs :D Ian

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